Winter Writing Festival – Week One

One week down and I've managed to write every day. I've set a 500 word target for myself to earn points and have managed that and more every day! Finished off a chapter of 'Fairholm' that's been driving me nuts for the last couple of months during some of the writing sprints and now only … Continue reading Winter Writing Festival – Week One


Winter Writing Festival 2018

I'm going to be taking part in an awesome writing festival for the rest of this month and February. You set your own goals to earn rewards and can win some amazing prizes throughout the festival too. Hoping to finish this current draft of 'Fairholm' and then work on editing and polishing!! Bring it on! … Continue reading Winter Writing Festival 2018

I did it!

I finally worked up the nerve to publish a book I've been working on for months. I'm beyond excited right now! It's not one of my novels, it's not even fiction, but it still means a massive amount that I've done it all the same. It's a book about the importance of family photography and … Continue reading I did it!